The Power of Self-Motivation

Tapping into the power of self-motivation is a never-ending process that requires constant effort and determination. Unfortunately, it’s also a journey filled with obstacles and roadblocks, one of which is the dreaded plateau. A plateau is a period of stagnation, where progress comes to a halt and it feels like nothing is happening, despite our best efforts. An inevitable part of the process we can learn to live with plateaus and build the confidence to BREAK through them.

There is a powerful tool that can help us overcome these plateaus and reach new heights in our personal growth journey – self-motivation.

Self-motivation is the driving force that propels us towards our goals, and it’s the key to breaking free from the constraints of a plateau. The ability to motivate ourselves to push beyond our limits is what separates successful individuals from those who remain stagnant.


Self-motivation is not just about having a positive attitude or telling ourselves to “just do it.” It’s a complex psychological process that involves harnessing our inner drive, overcoming fear and self-doubt, and creating a sense of purpose.

One of the key components of self-motivation is setting achievable and meaningful goals. When we have clear goals that we’re passionate about, it becomes easier to find the motivation to work towards them, even when progress is slow or non-existent. In order to set these clear goals we need the humility to understand our strengths and weaknesses. That way we can double down on our strengths and understand where our weaknesses may inhibit our progress and prepare to confront them when they do.

Another important aspect of self-motivation is self-awareness. Understanding our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and how they impact our motivation, can help us overcome mental blocks and stay on track towards our goals. The dividing line between where we are now and our potential is truly mental. Sure, there are many aspects of our human experience that are out of our control, but majority of our set backs are due to our own decision making.

Self-motivation requires a growth mindset – the belief that we can always improve and that setbacks are just temporary. When we adopt this mindset, we’re more likely to persevere in the face of obstacles and view plateaus as opportunities to grow and learn, rather than as dead-ends. That is the ultimate shift we need to make, not just consciously but subconsciously. As most of our decisions and actions start there, before we are even aware of them.


When is the last time you reflected on your choices or your reactions to different moments in your life?

If we can tap into these more often we can actually rewire how we react and make decisions that ultimately effect how we continue to move forward. This is true self-awareness and is the tangible mindset shift we hear about. That often seems unavailable to us. In reality it is within us, it just so happens to be deep into psychology it can be hard to change without showing up consistently, with intent and purpose.

In conclusion, the power of self-motivation is the key to unlocking our potential and reaching new heights in our personal growth journey. By setting achievable goals, developing self-awareness, and adopting a growth mindset, we can break free from plateaus and reach new levels of success and fulfillment.

I encourage your to monitor your thoughts, reactions and decisions over the next week. Do they align with your highest calling? If they do, move swiftly. If they do not, what can you do instead that closer aligns with your highest potential?

Go there and embrace the power of self-motivation and keep pushing yourself towards greatness.

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